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Who speaks when those with voices won’t?

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As I write, the euphemistically named Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is committing war crimes against Palestinians. The numbers of dead and injured continue to rise. Last I heard, more than 60 children are among the victims. Plenty of women and elderly, too. To get insight on these events, one must turn to Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms where Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists post footage of atrocities. Ever since the IDF bombed a tower block that housed international media outlets (war crime), social media is the place where people speak in defense of…

Cover art illustration for “No Solo” by Joe Infurnari (

Former Rooftop Revolutionaries vocalist-songwriter Eleanor Goldfield has released her long-awaited solo EP somewhat incongruently titled No Solo. The discrepancy stems from the fact that creatives seldom, if ever, produce in isolation. From poets and musicians to journalists, authors, and filmmakers, creators mingle, relate, influence, antagonize, and co-create. That’s certainly Eleanor’s world, where she wears the aforementioned hats with aplomb.

If you’re unfamiliar with her work, some highlights include:

· TV producer: “Act Out!” (which ran on FreeSpeech TV for nearly five years)

· Filmmaker (the award-winning documentary Hard Road of Hope, which traces the history of resistance in Appalachian mining…

No great artwork ever delivers all the goods. If the film, song, poem, novel, comic, photo, or painting reveals too much, there's little to no space for for the receiver to engage imaginatively, and that's boring AF.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say Dore's been vindicated. If you mean Big Tech is censoring more and more, then yes, that's true and he is correct. But I as I outlined in this sprawling piece, I disagree with two core assumptions, namely that the Internet is a domain of free speech and that these platforms constitute the open public square. Neither is true.

In the acutal public square, people join in by entering the space and communicating: speaking, passing out leaflets, or through gesture. Barring the physical exclusion of people, there are no barriers in the…

The British film "Threads" is available online. Riveting stuff. Possibly the best 80s era nuclear apocolypse movie.

Meet Goniloc

If you’re hip and into metal music (not always a natural fit, I know), then you probably don’t need an introduction to one of the better content creators on YouTube today. If none of the above is true, keep reading.

Goniloc is a cheeky yet affable YouTube presenter who specializes in video essays about heavy metal’s sometimes enjoyable and always absurdly splintering subgenres. Not into metal, you say? No matter. You still might dig Goniloc’s videos. …

If free speech is your issue, why not be smart about it?

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In a recent segment on The Jimmy Dore Show, Glenn Greenwald expressed outrage that Discord, a company that provides servers for online internet communications, revoked service to the Reddit thread r/WallSreetBets because users were sharing strategies about GameStop, the company around which a crisis recently unfolded. (The crisis? Deep-pocketed hedge fund managers who overinvested in GameStop shorts might be on the hook if everyone who bought stock suddenly sold. Oh, no!). Discord’s reasoning? The online speech (typed messages, shared photos) of Reddit users, many of whom are low-level…

A lack of critical thinking is undermining America


At the end of the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC on Jan 6, 2021, a relatively small number of Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol building, caused property damage, and allegedly engaged in seditious conspiracy. I say ‘relatively small’ because in comparison to the number of people who showed up, those who illegally entered the Capitol were relatively few. Lest you think I’m an apologist for their actions, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I’m not, and for good reason. Some of Trump’s supporters ruthlessly beat USCP…

Terence Kumpf

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